Jenn Moak and Elvis Tanjong tried to sell us a bulldog puppy

La Crosse, Wisconsin 0 comments

Recently we saw an email for bulldog puppies in Denver, CO and upon contact with Jenn, the apparent sales person she said her husband died and she wanted to find homes for the puppies.We emailed for several days and decided even though there were some oddities - she wouldn't give us contact information for other buyers nor would she provide her own phone # so that we could ask questions, we decided to go ahead.

We made our selection and she provided plenty of info about that puppy and asked us to provide a loving home and care. This morning the email arrived telling us how to make payment to the shipper. Red flags went up. Why send $ to Cameroon?

Why should we lie to Western Union? The English usage and grammar were also alerts. We couldn't find any phone contact info. on the website for Uship the company who would ship the puppy.

At the end of the email there is a message telling people who may have received the email in error to not disclose the info. and to immediately delete it.

Two calls to Western Union employees also told us this was very suspicious.We still have our $400.

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